Robert Llewellyn (UK)


2019 Nordic EV Summit moderator Robert Llewellyn has regularly appeared on British television since the mid-1980s. You might most easily recognise his face from vehicle-building game show Scrapheap Challenge, but the technology fan has actually also for decades been the man behind the rubber mask playing robot Kryten in the science fiction comedy series Red Dwarf.

Llewellyn first encountered electric cars in California in the early 2000s when making the American version of Scrapheap Challenge. As an engineering enthusiast he was intrigued by the developments and started driving an electric car in 2009.

Over the last 8 years he has driven just about every commercially available electric car and travelled the world to witness innovative technology as it starts to get a foothold in our global energy system.

His current YouTube channel Fully Charged Show focuses on electric cars, bikes, trucks, busses, boats and soon planes, but the growth in renewables, electricity storage, smart grids and associated systems is rapidly coming to the fore.

Llewellyn’s home is now 60% powered by a mixture of solar and batteries, including charging 2 electric cars.