Lithium, The Driving Force of 21st Century

Matjaz Krivic and Boštjan Videmšek (SI)


World Press Photo award winner Matjaz Krivic and crisis reporter Boštjan Videmšek will present their Lithium Road photo project at the Nordic EV Summit.

Lithium Road  illustrates this new gold rush for the modern age. Batteries are the social and industrial game changers of our time. As the need for effective climate protection gets stronger, the development of cleaner energy is gaining momentum. At the same time, a key part of the solution, lithium, and the production of the material, is not without its own hazards and sins.The photographic project follows the tracks of lithium, from investment and prospecting in the US, to mining in Bolivia, production of batteries and cars in China and to the small oil state Norway leading the way to electrify all of its transportation – cars, buses, planes and boats.