Inga Margrete Ydersbond (NO)


Inga Margrete Ydersbond is a researcher at the Institute of Transport Economics (Transportøkonomisk institutt, TØI). Ydersbond does research on electrification of the transport sector, including electric cars, electric bikes and charging infrastructure.

A key focus for her is the connection between political decisions, the policies that are created to attain these decisions, the implementation of those policies and the eventual outcomes in terms of sustainable energy system transformation.

Thus she highly enjoys following the development of the different technologies and policies that may contribute to profound mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ydersbond holds a PhD in political science from the University of Oslo. Her doctoral thesis dealt with the development of EU’s climate and energy policy. She has also worked with topics like lobbying, renewable energy and international energy policy.

Since she was a teenager, she has been engaged in protection of the environment and climate, and was an active member of the environmental organization Nature and Youth (Natur og Ungdom).