Heidi Sørensen

Heidi Sørensen (NO) – City of Oslo

Heidi Sørensen is the Director of the Climate Agency, City of Oslo.

In her youth Sørensen was an active environmentalist and was leader of Natur og Ungdom and leader of Friends of the Earth Norway. She was elected to the Parliament of Norway from Oslo in 2001. She became State Secretary to the Minister of the Environment between 2007-2012 and left national politics in 2013. Sørensen was a member of the Norwegian Consumer Council from 1997 to 2001, the Norwegian Board of Technology from 1999, the board of the Research Council of Norway from 2000 and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences from 2013. She has also been a member of committees producing Norwegian Official Reports on energy and waste management.

Sørensen will participate in the parallel session on: What technology is available today? And what is the outlook for zero emission transport at sea? Here she will give a keynote about how Oslo municipality has come this far in relation to electrification of local ferry transport and what the municipality’s plan is when it comes to electrifying transport solutions in the Oslo fjord in the future? Sørensen will also talk about the potential for other European cities on how to achieve zero-emission solutions when it comes to local ferry transport of goods, services and people.