Geir Brudeli

Geir Brudeli (NO) – Brudeli Green Mobility

M.Sc. Geir Brudeli, CTO & Founder

27 years in automotive, Kongsberg Automotive and Schaeffler Luk: Electrification and mechatronic design for transmissions from idea to production. Entrepreneur of Brudeli Tech: Invented technology for fuel efficient urban mobility vehicles – sold to Yamaha Motor Co, Japan.

Brudeli Green Mobility AS (BGM) was established in 2019 by partners with a long experience in designing and industrializing gear shifting solutions in cars and especially in heavy duty trucks. The truck industry is moving towards electrified transmission solutions using at least 3 gears for optimizing efficiency, battery size, motor size, cost and weight. In this segment, BGM has already taken a position – in developing the high volume electrified truck drivetrains of tomorrow. BGM presented in October 2021 at the internationally recognised VDI Conference – Drivetrain Solutions for Commercial Vehicles; a patent pending drivetrain suitable for carbon neutral fuels, for all electric driving, and being suitable short term for up to 80% electric driving in combination with existing drivelines.