4 out of 5 new cars in Norway are now fully electric

NEARLY 100% ELECTRIC: Fast charging stations have become a common sight at Norwegian petrol stations due to the overwhelming dominance of electric car sales in the market. All photos by Jamieson Pothecary /

The Norwegian EV Association predicts that an electric market share of up to 95 percent is within reach in 2024.

Norway celebrates another record year for electric vehicle sales with an 82.4 percent market share in 2023, according to statistics from the Norwegian Road Federation.

In 2022, the market share was 79.3 percent and 64.5 percent in 2021.

– The electric market share didn’t rise significantly last year. However, the Norwegian parliament has strengthened EV incentives for 2024, says Christina Bu, Secretary General of The Norwegian EV Association.

New cars emitting emissions will face increased purchase taxes in 2024.

– Therefore, I believe that electric cars will further dominate the Norwegian new car market in 2024. Internal combustion engines will soon be history, claims Bu.

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By 2025, zero emissions stand as the target.

In 2016, the Norwegian Parliament committed to the goal that all new cars sold in 2025 should be zero-emission vehicles (fully electric or hydrogen-powered).

– The Norwegian EV Association is confident that Norway can achieve the objective of 100 percent zero-emission car sales in 2025. Electric vehicles (EVs) are not only the top choice in urban areas but also dominate sales in rural regions, says Bu.

– The Norwegian policy has been tremendously successful, reducing emissions from new passenger cars by over 90 percent. This success has not only influenced and paved the way for other countries but has also extended to various other forms of zero-emission transportation beyond just passenger cars, Bu adds.

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By 2023, 12.3 percent of newly registered heavy-duty vehicles were also classified as zero-emission.

Norwegian Parliament has recently pledged to establish a zero-emission target for new heavy vehicles by 2030.

The Norwegian success story primarily results from a comprehensive set of government incentives designed to promote sales of zero-emission vehicles.

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