Elena Allen

Elena Allen (UK) – Momentum Dynamics

Director of Programmes at Momentum Dynamics

Elena joined Momentum Dynamics in October 2021 to lead wireless charging implementation projects and programmes in Continental Europe & Middle East regions. This includes the leading project in Norway today: installation of wireless charging infrastructure in taxi ranks across Oslo and enabling an electric fleet of taxis to operate seamlessly around the city and its suburbs. Previously working at Jaguar Land Rover in Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, led a number of strategic programmes, including electrification kick off for the Google Street View/Air View fleet, partnership with Waymo to develop bespoke I-Paces to be deployed as autonomous taxis operating across the US, development of the JLR first hydrogen prototype vehicle.

Elena is a Charted Quality Professional, with 25 years of experience in automotive and engineering industries, including architectural practices and shared services. Having originally graduated from the Moscow State University of Management, Elena continued with Cambridge University masters module on Sustainability Leadership and Change Management. Besides commercial negotiations and programme leadership, her other areas of expertise include digital transformation and technical solutions for integrated information systems.

Ms Allen will participate in a presentation about Momentum Dynamics technology, ongoing and future projects in Norway and worldwide.