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October 28, 2019

Electrifying sea transport: Launching an action plan for green shipping

The time has come for transport on the sea as well: the whole world needs to transition to green shipping as soon as possible.

The Norwegian government recently announced an action plan for green shipping, where it states that the goal is to cut emissions from domestic maritime transport and fishery in half by 2030. Furthermore, their ambition is to stimulate the development of zero-emission and low-emission transportation solutions in all vessel categories.

– Norway must find cost effective ways of carrying out the transformation process and at the same time ensure that it provides growth opportunities for the Norwegian economy and boosts Norwegian exports of green solutions. Renewal of the Norwegian shipping sector will be an important driver of this process, the government states in their action plan.

Land, Sea and Air: The 2020 Nordic EV Summit will cover electrification of all three sectors.

By 2022, around 80 ferries in Norway will be powered partly or fully by batteries. Furthermore, the amount of autonomous ships is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, bringing positive effects on the climate and environment with them.

Norway is already a world leader in the development of low- and zero-emission maritime solutions, and boasts a number of competitive companies driving the transition. What can the rest of the world learn from this local maritime industry’s bold step into the electric era? And which other countries are on the forefront of electrifying transport on the sea? Come to the 2020 Nordic EV Summit (23rd – 24th April) and find out.

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