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Chinese EV leadership

Webinar 5: October 22, 2020

Being both the largest market and producer of electric vehicles, China has been at the forefront of promoting the development of EVs. Now, more and more Chinese EV brands are looking towards the European and American market. What can we expect from these brands and how will they impact the traditional European and American car industry?


3.00 PM
NIO – the user enterprise
Hui ZhangVice President NIO Europe
China’s premium electric vehicle and rival to Tesla enters the European market in 2021. Being a global start-up and a pure electric vehicle brand emerging amidst corona, how have they managed and what will be their next move?

Charlotte Eisner, act Head of Sales and Brand Strategy, NEVS
NEVS is a 100% electric car company that bought Saab back in 2012. Based in China and Sweden, NEVS is aiming for mobility solutions that don’t necessarily include owning a car. What do these plans include, and will it be a global fit?

3.20 PM
Panel discussion
Hui Zhang, NIO
Charlotte Eisner, NEVS

3.40 PM
The path driving fleet toward sustainable mobility
Michael Benabdallah, General Manager of Arval Norway
By their weight in the global car market, shifting fleet business toward sustainable mobility and green energy is part of the solution to reduce CO2 emission.

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