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Nordic EV Summit

Electrify your visibility

The Nordic EV Summit Conference gathers 1000+ participants from all over the world. Together with decision-makers from policy, industry, research and organizations we will connect and discuss how to electrify the transport sector as fast as possible.
Take full advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase your products to hundreds of EV enthusiasts. Get connected in an arena where mobility, sustainability, smarter technological solutions and the future of urban development are among the main topics.

Partner with key actors involved in the rapidly growing EV community in 40 countries and join us for the transition to the electric era!

Connect with a global network of EV enthusiasts

Experience how electrification of the transport sector is a success story for Norway and the Nordic region
Meet leading car manufacturers, hear their experience with electrification and plans for the future
Meet policymakers and discuss EV policies for Europe
Learn from global best practices
Learn about the newest technologies in battery production, charging and much more at our conference and exhibition


Find the perfect package for your business or contact us for a customized deal.

Our partners help make Nordic EV Summit a success.

Find the perfect package for your business or contact us for a customized deal.


This year Nordic EV Summit has partnered with Evolve Arena, an experience-based meeting place for the development of our future cities and societies. At Evolve Arena we gather people across industries who have a passion for the future, sustainability and smart technological solutions.

By participating at Nordic EV Summit, you will, in addition to “Entering the electric era”, gain insight into the following topics: