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The International Energy Agency predicts the number of electric cars in the world could be as high as 220 million units by 2030. All of them must be charged with renewable energy. Nordic EV Summit 2019 takes on a global perspective along the following four central themes:

Ramping up production

The world needs a wider range of EV models, a higher pace of delivery and a steady expansion of markets. Can the industry deliver without causing harm to people and nature? Are sustainable cars trapped in dirty energy, or will the automobile manufacturers become tomorrow’s changemakers?

Charging from pole to pole

Lack of home charging is a significant barrier that may delay the EV revolution. How can we serve both crowded cities and scattered small towns with the capacity, capability and access they’ll need? How can we supply clean energy when all cars, trucks, buses and boats go electric?

The Norwegian EV policy kit: can it be exported

Norway is aiming for full electrification in sales within 2025, and the rest of the Nordics is joining the race. Can Norwegian EV policies be the recipe for the world? Can the world’s most successful political tools for the EV shift, become Norway’s most important export?

Barriers, carriers and consumer choice

Consumers actions, habits and principles are not easily changed. Still, it is the people’s demands that are the driving force in forming the future.  Who are today’s and tomorrow’s EV owners? What ideas will win their hearts and minds, and what’s in the way of getting them on board?

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How can all cars, tractors, trucks and buses become zero emitters through batteries?
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Ships, ferries and boats: How fast will seaborne transport become electrified?
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Small electric planes are here. When can we choose them on national and even international flights?

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Meet our speakers 2019

Siv Hatlen Heimdal (NO)

Norwegian Agricultural Cooperatives Siv Heimdal is the digital communications manager at the Norwegian Agricultural Cooperatives and will host

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Pia Meling (NO)

Massterly Wilhelmsen and Kongsberg have joined forces to take the next step in autonomous shipping. These two strong

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Olav Madland (NO)

Applied Autonomy Olav Madland introduced self-driving vehicles to Norway in the spring of 2016 and has performed more

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Nick Robillard (NZ)

Meridian Meridian Energy is New Zealand’s largest 100% renewable energy generator and retailer. Meridian provides 1/3rd of all of

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Mark Dummet (UK)

AMNESTY Mark Dummett is researcher on Business and Human Rights at Amnesty International. He investigates the ways in which corporations

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Jeanette Shaw (US)

Forth Jeanette Shaw serves as Forth’s Senior Director of Public Relations and directs communications, government affairs, marketing, and

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Ellen Hiep (NL)

HiePRactief 2019 Nordic EV Summit moderator Ellen Hiep is board member of the Dutch Electric Vehicle Drivers Association (Vereniging

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Benjamin Mandel

CALSTART Ben Mandel is Northeast Regional Director at CALSTART, where he works to integrate cleaner, more efficient vehicle

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